Wednesday, April 11, 2012

April 7, 2012 Card Show - 1959 Topps Pickups

I meant to get these posted the other day, but a TTM and meeting a legend kind of pushed my blog posts back.  I sure didn't mind.  I'm pretty certain that none of you minded much either.  Anyway, as I come down from the high from yesterday, I wanted to show off some of the 16 1959 Topps cards I picked up at the Show this past weekend.
First up, is this awesome Ernie Banks.  This card is a really awesome card and is one that I have been looking forward to picking up ever since I started the 1959 set.  I love the green.  It really pops.
Here, we have Larry Doby's last Topps card from his career.  He is a Hall of Famer and was the first player to break the color barrier in the American League.
I had to get another 1959 Virgil Trucks since the one Drew got me for Christmas in 2010 is in my Virgil Trucks PC.  I didn't mind picking up another, as this one is pretty sharp, aside from being a bit off center.  My good buddy P.A. picked this one up for me while I was helping someone at my tables.  I gave him the $5 for it and I trusted his instincts as far as the type of condition I was looking for and P.A. didn't disappoint.  The 1959 Topps is also Virgil Trucks' last Topps regular issue card.

Here is a really nice Gil Hodges I got for a really good price.  The borders have grayed a bit, but in all, it is a really nice card.
I wanted to show this Harvey Kuenn, because, honestly, I can never get enough of the red '59s.  I just love them.  I'm really glad the Virgil Trucks was a red one.  Tood bad the Brooks Robinson isn't.  Oh well.
I got a bunch of the Sporting News Rookie Stars cards as well.  These are pretty cool.  I didn't get any huge names, just several to knock off the list.

Looks like I'm making some headway into the 1959 set.  Unless Frank Robinson comes to town tomorrow or a TTM arrives, stay tuned for the 1969s that I got.


Commishbob said...

William, those look really good. Congrats on the pickup. Especially the Banks!

PAB said...

Darn you and your vintage temptations!!!! I agree with the Commish the Banks looks awesome!