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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Card Show Pickup - 1922 E-120 American Caramel Joe Sewell

I am a huge fan of odd vintage cards and when I saw that a dealer at the show had a bunch of tobacco and other early 20th century cards, I had to stop and check out his wares. I happened upon several binder sheets of cards that look like the one pictured below:This is a 1922 E-120 American Caramel Series of 120 Cards Joe Sewell. (This is the description that the vendor read off to me).
I wrote a Hall of Fame Spotlight on Sewell that you can find here, if you haven't read it already. I am still amazed that he only had 114 career strikeouts and completed the 1932 season with only 3 strikeouts (the fewest ever for a full season by any major leaguer in history).

I really enjoy the design of these cards. I like the almost sepia look to them. Apparently the American Leaguers were featured on cards of this color and National Leaguers were featured on cards with a bluish hue to them. I suppose I will try to find a blue one at some point so I can write about it here as well. I hope you all enjoyed this because I really like this card.


Matthew Glidden said...

Excellent find at the show! Joe Sewell's ability to avoid strikeouts is amazing and he holds the career record at 1K/63AB. The way people swing their bats today, not sure it'll ever be broken...

Drew said...

Dude, thats a really cool pickup, never saw one of those until you picked it up!