Friday, May 13, 2011

May 13-15 Raleigh, NC Card Show - First of Many Awesome Pickups

So, I had been sitting on my 2008 Topps Stadium Club Triumverate (triple relic/auto) Albert Pujols for a good while now. It had gotten a lot of looks in my display case, but no one wanted to jump on the price. I didn't want to sell it at a yard sale price, so I have been sitting on it... until today. I guy came by my booth and was eyeing the Pujols; we talked for a bit, then he went off to some other tables. I was pretty bored, so I got up and checked a table out that had some autographed baseballs and lo and behold, it was the guy who was looking at my Pujols. He had a couple baseballs that I liked, so we ended up working out a trade...... I traded the Pujols and a couple other autos for the above Mazeroski ball and another ball that will be posted later...

I really liked this Mazeroski ball (my 26th Hall of Famer) because it is seriously OLD. It is a Charles Feeney NL ball with very faded stitching. I think it is really cool. It's actually a Spalding ball, which, if anyone has been paying attention, Rawlings has been making the official baseballs for a while now. I looked up Charles (Chub) Feeney, and he was the president of the NL from 1969-1986, so the ball is from at least prior to 1986. Not bad. I like how some of the old baseballs look. This and the other ball I got were JSA authenticated, so I looked them up when I got home and they were legit. So, I'm really excited for sure. I hope you all like this one as well. When you see the other ball I got with this, you'll know I and the other guy pulled off a good trade.

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Drew said...

Dude, great pickups today! I wouldn't have the guts to lose a Pujols auto unless it was to pick up a nicer one, but if that's your forte with the baseballs, go for it! Gotta love Mazeroski and the old school Pirates!

And JSA is definitely legit. Nice job man!