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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Card Show Pickup - 1948 Bowman Ralph Kiner RC

I picked up another huge need for my 1948 Bowman set at the card show. I got this Ralph Kiner rookie card from a dealer who I buy from on a regular basis. He always does me well with prices, so I was happy to take it off of his hands. I now have 20 cards from the 1948 set (42%). I still need the Johnny Mize and Yogi Berra RCs, which should take me a while.


Fuji said...

Nice pick up... amazing rookies in this set. I can only dream of one day owning a Musial rookie card.

Drew said...

Dude, awesome card! I'm a big Kiner fan personally as you know, and that is as good as it gets for him! Congrats!