Monday, May 23, 2011

Card Shop Pickup - Replacing the Hank Aaron Baseball

I have a lot of stuff to post still, lots of mail, and some more leftovers from the card show, but I really wanted to get my latest Hall of Fame baseball posted... Hank Aaron!

That's right, I replaced my fake Aaron ball with an authentic ball signed by the true home run king.

I spent this past weekend in Columbia, SC visiting my younger brother. He always takes me to this awesome antique store/card shop, and as it turns out, a good friend of mine used to be in the card business with the proprietor of the shop, so I know he is definitely on the up and up. I saw his signed Aaron ball immediately as I entered the shop. I asked him how much he wanted for it, and was satisfied with the price, so I purchased it, along with 25 high numbers to fill in my 1970 Topps set.

I am really happy that I was able to replace my Aaron ball cheaply, and I know it is authentic this time, as opposed to being suspicious. The shop owner had several other HOF signed baseballs, so I may have to pick another up next time I visit my brother.

If you look at this ball vs the fake ball, the differences jump out right away. They jump out more so in person than via photo, which is what I tried to do with the fake ball. I had compared it to PSA authenticated balls on Ebay and it seemed to match up. Now, though, I can definitely see a difference. Oh well, I have learned from my mistake. I now have 31 baseballs signed by Hall of Famers. I'm curious to see who will be next to be added to the list...

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Drew said...

Good thing you replaced that fake! Sucks that you had to make 2 purchases, but now we all learned a lesson about eBay safety and you now know for sure that you have a REAL Aaron autograph!