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Monday, April 26, 2010

Come and Join Our Group Case Break

Hi guys. Chris over at on card autos asked me to pair with him to do a group box break. I've never done one before, but I'm excited to try it. Basically, you claim one or more teams for $40-$45 per team (the price is based on the total price of the case we purchase and the cost for shipping out the final cards to each claimant).

Since Chris and I want this to be special, we chose a set that was close to both our hearts (and something that has some sick hits) and that would be 2006 UD Epic. If you don't know about Epic, check Chris' blog for a synopsis.

Don't forget, there are a LOT of hall of famers in this set. So, you know, just because the Pirates are not so good right now, wouldn't a Clemente relic be sweet?





Blue Jays:

Braves: Babe-O-Licious


Cardinals: Isaac and Tony (Ikescards)

Cubs: Chris (on card autos)


Dodgers: Max (Knuckle Ball Blues)



Indians: Babe-O-Licious


Mariners: Andy

Mets: Mike (BABenny's Baseball Card Buffet)

Orioles: Me (duuh)


Phillies: Jim (Phillies Room)




Reds: Scott (Mr. Scott's Baseball Cards)

Red Sox: Chris (On card autos)



Tigers: William (foul bunt)


White Sox:

Yankees: Pete (Dropped 3rd Strike)

I will relinquish my pick of the Tigers if someone wants to talk me out of them, lol.

The final price may depend on if we have filled all teams. Yes, you can claim more than one team. If you have any questions, email me at: or email Chris at

Also, comment here, or Chris' blog to sign up. We will try our best to keep this updated quickly so people don't miss out.

If your favorite team has been claimed, don't be discouraged, like I said, think of the hall of famers who are included and try to go after their teams (Killebrew, Brett, Yount, Clemente, etc.). Definitely check out the checklist!

Thanks guys!

1 comment:

IkesCards said...

We'll take the Cardinals at Ikes Cards!