Sunday, April 4, 2010

Candlesticks Are Always a Nice Gift - My Trip to Durham Part 2

Everyone liking the Bull Durham lines? If you have not seen the movie, I highly recommend you rent it. Especially for the scene where they all congregate on the mound and discuss wedding presents... classic stuff.

Still doesn't beat Cerrano sacrificing a bucket of KFC Chicken in Major League, though... What is everyone's favorite baseball movie? Mine has to be either Major League, Bull Durham or For The Love of The Game... Here is Chris shaing hands with The Blue Monster. Pretty cool. I thought he may be a little afraid of the mascot, but he did fine. It does look like Chris has a death grip on that railing though.
Bulls players attend to a fallen comrade. The outfielder dove for the ball and crashed into the wall. He made the catch, though. I missed the actual dive, I was looking through m backpack for something... I forget what.

Here is Chris with his lunch... er... I mean his cotton candy. He is such a sneak, I told him no, he couldn't have any, so he goes with his puppy dog look to Max's girlfriend and she fell into his trap...
I will post one more entry concerning my trip later. We were able to get some SWEEET autos after the game. Leave me some comments and let me know what you think...


Anonymous said...

I'm enjoying the photos.

My favorite baseball movies:
1) Field of Dreams
2) Major League
3) The Rookie
4) The Natural
5) Bull Durham

PAB said...

The best baseball movie of all time is Bull Durham

The best baseball movie of all time that most illustrates the games impact on society is Field of Dreams.

To me those movies are 1A and 1B with regards to baseball movies.

Comedy wise it's a toss up between Major League (1 or 2) or Bad News Bears (the original).