Saturday, April 17, 2010

Jumping Off Point?

The Orioles crapped the bed again tonight, leaving their record at 1-11 to start the season. They held the lead until one out in the bottom of the ninth. A series of bizarre (shitty) plays later, and boom, another loss.

I'm so disenchanted with this season, and we are only 12 games into it. I am ready for the season to be over.

I have no confidence that this incarnation of the Orioles will ever post a winning record.

I am certain Dave Trembley will not be the manager next week.

I am finding myself ready to pile all of my Orioles gear up and light a match to it.

I'm pissed off. I have every right to be. I have bled Orange for 21 years. I don't deserve this at all.

I am ready to file for divorce from the Orioles after 21 years of irreparable damage.

I'm almost past the point of not caring for them. Tell me I'm not a true fan? Try going through what I have been going through the past 12 losing seasons and having all hopes for the 2010 season dashed in 12 games and you tell me if I'm being unreasonable.


PAB said...

I'm going to make a play off your statement that you're ready to file for divorce from the Orioles and say you're being unreasonable. My friend if you've been a fan of a team for 20 plus years it becomes a matter of for better or worse in good time and in bad.

You're going through the bad. But if you give up now then what will you do? Switch to another team? What happens if they go through their rough times? Will you quickly annul that relationship?

You're better then that my friend. Like I said the other day 1-11 is better than 0-21. Perhaps the O's will fire Trembley and get a fresh start much like the Rookies did a couple of years ago. What ever happens will happen though and the beauty of it all is Lord willing there is always next year.

Cheer up and quit being like Randy Quaid in Major League 2. ;)

William Regenthal said...

P.A., please see my post for today for further clarification on my feelings towards the Os. Also, did you know that Randy Quaid is a fugitive now? I didn't know that... until I saw the article today. Weird.