Friday, April 23, 2010

Mail Day - On The Rocks

Title fits the O's season pretty well, I think.

I bought a jersey from Ebbetts Field Flannels recently. If you haven't checked them out, please do. They are amazing. I got the 1938 Baltiomore Orioles Home Jersey. It was made to order and is 100% wool flannel. I was very impressed with the jersey. I can't wait to wear it to a game. Because it is 100% wool, its very scratchy, but I don't care. I'm still in awe of it, really. I hope you all like it. I have lost count of all the O's jerseys I have. I have a Cal Ripken from when I was 15, 3 Brian Roberts (a home white, a black and a 2005 All Star jersey).


Drew said...

Nice jersey dude!

Flash said...

Scratch scratch scratch. Reminds me of that Seinfeld episode where George got the Yanks to switch to wool jerseys.