Sunday, April 18, 2010

April 13, 2010 Kinston Indians vs Wilmington Blue Rocks

I have thought long and hard about the Orioles over the past few days and I have decided that, no matter what, I will continue to support them. It is ridiculous on my part to say that I wouldn't after all this time. I apologize to everyone who has had to listen to me complain the last 2 weeks...

Now onto your regularly scheduled blog....

We decided that if I got home in time from being out in the field (in South Mills, NC) my wife, son and I would catch a Kinston Indians game on Tuesday, April, 13 2010 due to it being $2 Tuesdays. $2 gets you in the game, any seat in the house, and $2 for hamburgers. Can't beat that. My buddy Jim also said he was in the area and was going to catch the game. I figured, why not?

It turns out, the Blue Rocks are a KC Royals farm team, and Alex Gordon was rehabbing there. We were able to meet Gordon and get him to sign a ball, which was pretty cool.

Here is Chris meeting the Kinston mascot. He had a good time.

Here is my Alex Gordon ball. Not too bad! He was rehabbing a fractured thumb, I believe.

We also got the night's starter for the Blue Rocks, Michael Montgomery. THis guy was unbelieveable. 13ks in 7+ innings, took a no hitter into the 7th. He was ELECTRIC! I was very happy when he came over and started signing for us after the game.
Since my buddy Jim figured I'd show up, he brought me a really sweet card, which I will blog next. Hope you all enjoyed!!


PAB said...

Welcome back William. There's been this impostor posing as you contemplating leaving the O's. Nice autos. Alex White would be someone worth looking into as well.

William Regenthal said...

Who does he play for? We wanted to get Eric Hosmer with the Blue Rocks as well, but didn't get him this time. Maybe next time. I need to look at my baseball prospectus and start planning on minor league games. I want to go to Delmarva and see Matt Hobgood in person.