Sunday, April 11, 2010

Check Out My Balls... Again

I love autographed baseballs. I really do. I'd rather have an autographed ball than I would an autographed card, photo, etc. If I met Sigourney Weaver, I'd probably have her sign a baseball. That is, if I were able to speak coherently enough to ask her for an autograph.

So, I finally got my hands on my case of UV protected ball cubes that I purchased from Taylor with CranesCard. Taylor is awesome, he can pretty much get any supplies you need. If you need anything from him, let me know and I'll drop him a line.

All of my autographed baseballs that I obtained prior to January 2009 are in a box in the storage building we are renting. These include 2 Cal Ripken, Jim Palmer, Brooks Robinson, Brian Roberts, Matt Wieters, Brandon Snyder, Elrod Hendricks, Jason Johnson, Russ Ortiz, 2 Dave Trembley etc etc etc. I also have a Wofford College 2003 SoCon Champions autographed football in there as well (thanks to my brother Adam for that).

I have been sitting on all the autographed baseballs I got last year (including the hall of fame autos I sent off for recently) until I could get enough UV protected cubes to store them in. I am a big fan of UV protected cubes, since my wife's Jason Johnson auto we got in 2001 is pretty much faded out, and Chris' Matt Wieters/Brandon Snyder and Matt Wieters/Chris Tillman balls are fading rapidly (I replaced the cubes for Chris' baseballs today and will replace my wife's when I can get into the box at the sotrage building.

I took the non-UV protected cubes (the protected ones have a hologram at the bottom) and put the 2 foul balls I have in there.

Below is a photo of all the baseballs I had in my closet in my apartment: That's 20 baseballs. Scanning the photo real quick, you will see the 2 foul balls on the far right of the bottom row. My Bryce Harper (thanks P.A.) is at the far left of the bottom row. Stan Musial is in the middle of the top row; Bob Feller is directly below Musial. There are 2 Boog Powell and 2 Brandon Waring baseballs. One Boog went to Chris once I was done and one Waring will be sent to my brother Adam because Waring went to Wofford College; Waring was a freshman when Adam was a Senior and Waring told me at a Keys game that he remembered watching my brother play when he was at Wofford.

There are 2 baseballs which I was unable to identify the players. I have a couple emails out to some reliable sources who may be able to dig up a 2009 Frederick Keys roster for me (for some reason, google isnt helping me locate one).
There are 2 baseballs signed by NCSU players (thanks Max), lots and lots and lots of Oriole Prospects, 3 Hall of Famers (Musial, Feller and Al Kaline), one Oriole Hall of Famer (Boog) and one old-time player, former manager and bench coach (Don Zimmer). Pretty cool, don't you think?