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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Instagram Trade With Caleb - 2011 Topps Blue Altuve RC

I completed a trade with my friend, Caleb, recently when I sent him some Braves stuff in exchange for this 2011 Topps Jose Altuve Wal Mart Blue rookie card.  I had been wanting an Altuve RC for a while and Caleb helped facilitate a deal.

I really liked the season that Altuve had last year.  Seeing him win the batting title and being shorter than I am it really cool.  He'd not Eddie Gaedel short, but he is a little guy.  He is someone that kids can look up to (no pun intended) and see that not al successful athletes have to be hulking monsters.

I hope Altuve can repeat last year's performance during the 2015 season.  If he can, the Astros will be very interesting to watch.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Incoming Mail From Trevor and Updated Trade Bait

I got a package the other day from my good friend, Trevor, that had a bunch of trade bait inside it.  I have traded quite a few times with him lately, enough so that he is out of Orioles cards to send to me.
So, to make up for it, Trevor sent me some stuff that I could use as trade bait to kind of repopulate my page.
I don't remember what I sent him, but I think it was a few Reds autos and relics.  Since I'm now out of Reds stuff, I need to work on finding stuff for him.
So, I have now taken these cards from Trevor and listed them on my trade bait page along with a bunch of other stuff.  Please take a look.  These cards are also all listed on my Instagram account, so some deals may be pending.  I've been trying to do a better job of keeping the trade bait page as current as possible.

Thanks for taking a look!  Also, while you're at it, please look at my COMC page as well.  The link is posted at the top of the blog, underneath the Foul Bunt banner.

Thanks for the cards, Trevor!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Ebay Pickup - 2014 Bowman Chris Davis Gold Parallel

I picked up this nice 2014 Bowman Chris Davis gold parallel off of Ebay recently but had to wait a while before I could get it into my collection.  The seller accidentally sent me someone else's winnings and sent this card to them.  After realizing the mix-up, the seller contacted me with the proper address to send what I got in to and provided the other guy with my address.  I made the swap and finally got my Davis in.

Topping it all off, the seller was nice enough to refund my money because of the error.  That helped cover me for re-shipping his package.

The card is pretty sweet.  It is numbered 41/50 and helps me out with the 2014 Bowman/Chrome rainbow.  This is the gold paper parallel, by the way, if you couldn't already tell.

Set Complete - 2014 Topps Chrome

I got an awesome care package in the mail from a guy named David who emailed me out of the blue saying he could finish my 2014 Topps Chrome set.  He sent a ton of other stuff that will be blogged at another time, but the fact that my 2014 Topps Chrome set is complete is something I wanted to blog right away.

Thanks so much for the cards, David.  I really appreciate it!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Instagram Trade With Jack P.

I completed a trade recently with a guy named Jack from Instagram when I sent him a C. J. Cron auto in exchange for this 2015 Topps pink parallel of Zach Britton.  The Britton is numbered 48/50 and looks pretty cool.  I like that they changed up the parallels a bit this year.  They made them a lot harder to find, though.  I opened my three jumbo boxes of Topps and pulled only a black parallel and none of the camos or pinks.
I included a bunch of extras for Jack and he did the same for me.  He actually included a few Chris Davis cards that I needed for my PC.  This Target red parallel from 2015 Topps was one of them, but I had bought one off of Ebay while this package was in transit.  Dang.  So, I will trade the red parallel that I bought to a buddy of mine and keep this one that Jack gave me.
Finally, Jack included this blue parallel from 2014 Topps Opening Day that I also needed.  He did a really good job of helping me with my PC.

Thanks so much for the deal, Jack!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Instagram Trade With Cameron

I completed a trade with a guy named Cameron on Instagram when I sent him a bunch of relics and autos in exchange for the above 2011 Bowman Chrome refractor auto of Sonny Gray.  This is now my second Gray auto, but the fact that it is his "first Bowman card" and a refractor numbered 330/500 makes this a really awesome card.
Another part of the deal that I pushed for was this 2006 UD Legendary Cuts relic of Jim Palmer. This was actually what started our deal.  Cameron saw something he liked on my page and we went from there.  I think it was a Bowman Sterling auto that I traded to him.  We started discussing a larger deal which netted me the Gray auto.  It also landed me a new friend, as Cameron seems like a really genuine person whom I have talked to for a while since the trade.
A throw in that Cameron included as a thank you for the deal was this 2014 Topps Allen & Ginter Adam Jones relic.  I really appreciated the card and the fact that Cameron included it was really cool of him.

Thanks for the deal, Cameron!  I know we will do more in the future!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Instagram Pickup - 2014 Topps Chrome Andrew Lambo Gold Refractor Auto

I got a steal recently on Instagram when I picked up this Andrew Lambo gold chrome auto along with a Jonathan Schoop auto for about $6.  This Lambo is numbered 9/50.  Getting this card made it so I could trade my Lambo base auto for some other stuff.

I like Lambo, since we got to see him hit a homer for AA Chattanooga when he was a Dodgers prospect.  I went to that game with a former friend of mine and got the home run ball.  Sadly, I handed it off to the friend, and now it is gone.  Oh well.

Anyway, I really like this card, and I'm glad I have the gold version.  Much better than the base, for sure.  The gold really matches the Pirates colors, so that works out for me.