Thursday, August 28, 2014

Instagram Trade With Carson - 2013 Topps Chasing History Adam Jones Relic

I completed another quick and easy trade with my buddy Carson on Instagram when I picked up this 2013 Topps Chasing History Adam Jones relic in exchange for some cards that I don't quite remember.  That's normal, though, because I think I have traded with Carson the most off of Instagram, so far.  If I haven't, he has to be at least in the top 3.

He comes from a family of traders, as I completed a huge deal with his dad for my 1969 Mantle, among other things, and I just completed a trade with his brother, Jackson, for some Cal relics (which will be shown soon).  Carson is also one of the youngest people trading on there, at 11 years old.  He seriously knows his stuff and has a great eye for cards.

Thanks for the trade, Carson!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Instagram Trade With Ethan

I completed a trade on Instagram with a kid named Ethan a while back that landed me a few Hall of Famer cards in exchange for some stuff that I don't even remember.  I should take better notes.  Anyway, the key to the trade was a few Frank Thomas cards, like the 1992 Donruss Diamond Kings card seen above.  These are still awesome cards and I was glad this was added to my pile.
The other big piece was this 1990 Topps Frank Thomas rookie card.  I think I have one around here somewhere, but who knows where I sat it, so I had Ethan throw it in the trade.
The card that started the trade was this numbered 2009 Topps Legends of the Game Brooks Robinson, which, surprisingly, I didn't have.  I had unnumbered ones, but none of these that were numbered to 99.  Weird, right?

Another weird thing was that Ethan kept saying that the card was damaged.  I see no damage to the card, so I don't know what he was referring to.  Oh well, the trade is complete and I like the cards.  That's all that matters.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Instagram Trade With Shawn - 2014 Topps Target Red Orioles

I completed another trade with Shawn from Instagram, part of the Shawn, Sean and Alex trio of Cubs fans that I have been conversing with on there lately.  This time around, I sent Shawn some Cubs cards in exchange for three 2014 Topps Target red parallel Orioles: Adam Jones (above), Miguel Gonzalez and Brian Matusz.

Shawn is really easy to trade with and I have sent him a couple care packages in return and also a Levon Washington autograph that I got for a steal on Ebay.

The triumvirate of Shawn, Sean and Alex are all really good guys and I plan on trading with each of them again in the future.  I know this because I have piles building up for each of them that I plan on sending, once I feel that they are big enough to send out.

I've really enjoyed the interactions I've had with folks on Instagram.  It has opened up a whole new forum for trading, and I feel like, for the most part, I've had a positive experience.  There are a couple kids on there who need to be taught some manners, but mostly, they are all good folks.  These three guys are definitely some of the better ones I've met.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Mail From Nick

I got a nice surprise package in the mail recently from my good friend, Nick, over at Dime Boxes.  Nick is, by far, the best blogger around.  His mini collections and just all around joy for just about any kind of cardboard is a real sight to see.  He finds so many things to like about cards that I (and others) may miss.

I send him stuff every now and then, and in return, I get mailers from him as well.  This time around, Nick hit me up with a bunch of Orioles parallels and oddball cards.  One of which, I didn't yet have in my PC was the above 1989 Kahn (KAHHHHNNNN!!!!!!) Hillshire Farm Brooks Robinson card.

I had never seen these before, and it also provided me the ability to drop a movie reference in my blog.  Woo Hoo.
These Opening Day blue parallels look so awesome in person.  I didn't have this Kevin Gausman parallel yet and Nick hooked me up!
Finally, here is a Chasing History Bob Feller.  I love that I PC Feller.  He was a great ball player, a great American and a great man.  He is still missed, and I take every opportunity to add cards of his to my collection.

Thanks so much for the cards, Nick!  I am slowly building a pile again for you, hopefully, it'll be ready to send sometime soon.  If you guys haven't checked out Nick's blog yet, you're missing out.  Please check it and give him a follow by clicking here.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Vintage Card Pickups From The Card Shop

One of the things I miss the most from my time helping out at the card shop in Winston-Salem was when folks would bring in their cards that they wanted to sell.  Lots of times, the cards they were dumping were garbage, but every now and then someone would come in with a shoebox full of vintage and I would enjoy countless hours of sorting and pricing the cards, and sometimes I would have the opportunity to buy the cards for myself, depending on the price that the person wanted.

Well, that shop is closed, has been for 3 and a half years now, and I live clear across the state.  The shop owner here in Winterville knows I am a huge fan of vintage, so when I walked in there yesterday, he handed me a stack of cards that he had just purchased off of someone.  The top card was a 1958 Mantle, so I knew he scored big.  There ended up being 3 or 4 Mantles, 3 or 4 Willie Mays, a '62 Clemente, a '63 Ford, several of the '62 Babe Ruth Story cards, and some other nice early to mid 60s cards.

I decided that I really liked the above 1963 Topps Warren Spahn, just because, and I picked it up for $25.00.  The card is in great shape, as you can see from the scan.
Since Windell (the shop owner) made me a good deal, I also picked up a couple 1967 Topps cards, even though I haven't officially started my set.  I got this Whitey Ford and the below Elston Howard for really good prices ($8 for Ford, $5 for Howard) and can add them to my set.
I really wish they carried more vintage cards at my local shop, but they don't.  I have to wait til September 27 and 28 before I can go to my next card show, so I'll just bide my time until I can get some good steals on nice vintage.  I also have my birthday coming up, so maybe someone will help me with some set needs, as well.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

COMC Pickup - 2013 Bowman Purple Ice Jonah Heim

I wanted to show another card that I got off of COMC recently, this 2013 Bowman Purple Ice parallel of Orioles prospect, Jonah Heim.  Heim was the Orioles 4th round pick out of the 2013 draft.  He is currently playing for the Low A Aberdeen Ironbirds.

Over 64 games in the minorsfor the last 2 years, Heim is batting .206 with 1 home run and 11 RBIs.  He's going to be just fine, I think.  He definitely adds to the huge amount of catching depth that the O's have drafted recently.

This card is really awesome.  It is numbered 6/10, and according to the back of the card, Heim tries to wear uniform number 6 whenever he can, in honor of his grandpa.  That is really awesome that I ended up with this one.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Instagram Mail From Sean

I got some mail from my friend, Sean, today and paired with the envelope I got from him last week, I ended up with some sweet stuff from a guy that I have traded with a bunch, so far.  He is set to received a graded gem mint 10 minor league card of Craig Kimbrel and in return, Sean sent me this SP of Dylan Bundy from 2014 Topps.

I like these Future Stars SPs and I didn't yet have the Bundy, so it was a fair trade for me.
In his prior package, Sean included the above 2013 Topps Tier One (on card) auto of Bundy.  Oh man, this card looks awesome in person.  I didn't realize it was on card until I looked at it when I was scanning it.  It looks so nice.
Finally, I got this red parallel of Manny Machado from 2014 Bowman Platinum.  The Platinums never disappoint and this red parallel looks really awesome.

Thanks for the trade(s), Sean!  I really appreciate it.  Your Kimbrel will be mailed tomorrow!