Tuesday, October 15, 2019

TTM Success - Bobby Heise

I added some mid-70s cards to my album with this TTM success from Bobby Heise.  Heise wins the award for the World's Smallest Autograph.  I had to do a double-take to make sure he had even signed the cards.
This 1974 Topps Traded came out of the vintage box that I bought off of Max at the National.  It wasn't just hockey cards in the box.

Heise (b. 1947) played in the majors from 1967 to 1977 for the Mets, Giants, Brewers, Cardinals, Angels, Red Sox and Royals.  He had 283 hits, 1 home run and a .247 batting average.

I mailed to Heise on September 23 and got the cards back on October 3, for a 10-day TAT.

Monday, October 14, 2019

TTM Success - Larry Jeffrey

Here is another of the vintage hockey cards that I was able to get signed TTM.  This is a 1970-1971 Topps card of former Red Wing, Larry Jeffrey.

The card turned out pretty sharp.  I especially liked it because it was a Red Wing.  I may or may not have heard of the hockey team from Detroit once or twice.

Jeffrey (b. 1940) played from 1961 to 1969 for the Red Wings, Maple Leafs and Rangers.  He had 39 goals, 62 assists and 101 points.  He won the Stanley Cup in 1967 with the Rangers.

I mailed to Jeffrey on September 17 and got the card back on October 3, 2019, for a 16-day TAT.

I had ordered a book of Canada-to-US stamps online, and bought some US-to-Canada stamps at my local post office.  Those have helped me expand my TTM requests a bit.  I hope the 5 people who read this blog have enjoyed the small change of pace.

Sunday, October 13, 2019

A Couple Autos From Keegan

I sent some Richmond cards to my friend, Keegan, in hopes of getting some 50/50s done, but it was pretty close to the end of the season, so all he was able to get done for me was this Jalen Miller 2016 Bowman Chrome black and gold refractor.  I had sent him a Jonah Arenado card just like this one, but he got released by the Giants right before Keegan was set to do the graphing.
I took a couple guys for Keegan, and in return he sent me this 2013 Topps Update Chris Davis in return.  I didn't have this one signed by Davis yet, so that was nice.

Hopefully, Keegan will be able to take some more 50/50s next season, as some good players should be moving up to Richmond.

Saturday, October 12, 2019

TTM Success - Gary Sabourin

Another of the hockey cards that Max gave me came back signed recently; this one being from Gary Sabourin.  This is a 1970-1971 Topps, and looks pretty sharp.  Sabourin has a really nice signature.

Sabourin (b. 1943) played from 1967 to 1977 for the St. Louis Blues, Toronto Maple Leafs, California Golden Seals and the Cleveland Barons.  He had 169 goals, 188 assists and 357 points. 

I mailed to Sabourin on August 22 and got the card back signed on October 3, for a 42-day TAT.

Friday, October 11, 2019

Two TTM Successes From Dickie Thon

Dickie Thon signs through PastPros, so I figured it would be pretty easy to get my 1987 Topps signed by him.  I went through PastPros' steps back in November, sent my card in and waited.  I waited so long, I had forgotten about it, but when cleaning out my email, I saw the receipt from PastPros, and that it should take no longer than a month to get my card back.  I emailed them, and they said they would look into it.  I waited and forgot again, and when I was missing another player (Eric Plunk), I remembered that I needed to look for this one again.

Finally, I got a message from PastPros that Dickie had never received my 87 Topps, and would sign and send me one of his own.  THEN they message me again saying he didn't have any 87s, but he would send me something else.  I got this 1984 Fleer All Star card.  In the email, PastPros told me to re-send an 87, and Thon would sign that for me, as well.  So, I did, and got that signed card back in about a week.
I'm glad to have gotten my card back.  I have no idea what happened to the other one, but I can mark him off of my checklist, and all is well.

Thon (b. 1958) played in the majors from 1979 to 1993 for the Angels, Astros, Padres, Phillies, Rangers and Brewers.  He had 1,176 hits, 71 home runs and a .264 batting average.  He was an All Star in 1983.  He was a Silver Slugger and finished 7th in the NL MVP voting that season, as well.

I originally sent to Thon on November 6, 2018, and got the 84 Fleer back on September 30, for a 328-day TAT.  I sent the second 87 Topps on September 28, and got the signed card back on October 5, for a 7-day TAT.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Another TTM Success From Don August

I found a few more cards of Don August over time as I looked for other guys to send TTM to, and finally, I sent another request to him.  Normally, I try to not send additional requests to folks, but I have done it from time to time.  I did like the above 1989 Score Rookies and Stars that I found in a box from Goodwill, and I wanted to get it signed.
I also found the above 1989 Score Traded card in a Goodwil box.  The above 1989 Upper Deck was left over from a repack box.

I mailed to August on September 23 and got the cards back on September 30, for a 7-day TAT.

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

TTM Success - Jim Dwyer

I had sent to him earlier this year and got nothing back, so I tried Jim Dwyer again.  This time, I got a 1987 Topps signed; the cash in included must have helped.

Dwyer (b. 1950) played in the majors from 1973 to 1990 for the Cardinals, Expos, Mets, Giants, Red Sox, Orioles and Twins.  He had 719 hits, 77 home runs and a .260 batting average.  He won the World Series with the Orioles in 1983.

I mailed to Dwyer on September 18 and got the card back on September 28, for a 10-day TAT.  I paid a fee of $5.00.