Friday, October 16, 2015

What Would Buck Think - More Playoff Musings

The Cubs are looking pretty good in the postseason so far.  When people talk about players/managers/coaches associated with the Cubs, names like Banks, Santo, Sandberg, Williams and Durocher come up.  A name that may get overlooked is one John Jordan "Buck" O'Neil.  He was the first African American coach in the majors.  Aside from that, he was a true ambassador of the game.  He lived to be 94 years old, passing away just over 9 years ago on October 6, 2006.

He was a true ambassador of the game, long after his playing and coaching days were over.  This can clearly be seen on Ken Burns's Baseball.  I'd like to think that if O'Neil were still around, he would be pretty pleased with how the Cubs have performed so far.  I think he would also be pleased with the showcase of youth that is going on right now in the 2015 playoffs.  So much young talent has been on display, this has really been a postseason to remember.

I'd like to think that someone who lived and breathed baseball, like O'Neil, would really enjoy the stuff we are seeing today.  Well, maybe one bat flip or a takeout slide aside...

I haven't had a lot to write about lately since I haven't had a lot of mail coming in, and I also have been engrossed in the playoffs.  Please bear with me as I continue to work to come up with content every night.  I appreciate everyone reading, though.  I hope you are enjoying these playoffs as much as I am.

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