Tuesday, June 16, 2015

What a Rout

Well, I just finished watching a wild Orioles game.  The O's won 19-3 on the same night that three teams ahead of them in the standings lose, two of them also being routed.  The Phillies look like a team that is just praying for the season to end.  Last night they were shut out, and tonight, they were battered around.  I felt really bad for Phillies starter, Jerome Williams, who left the game after 2 outs in the first inning.  He strained his hamstring covering home plate on a wild pitch that eventually led to two runs scoring.

The Phillies were embarrassed, and it got even worse when they had to use outfielder, Jeff Francoeur, to pitch two innings.  He was laboring in the 9th, and really should have been removed, except the bullpen phone was apparently off the hook, and a call to warm anyone up could not be made.  Chase Utley was visibly upset, and I'm sure Ryne Sandberg is feeling some heat, although it wasn't his fault.

I have a few friends that are Phillies fans, and I felt bad for them. Sure, I won't complain about an Oriole win, ever, but I do know what it feels like being on the other end of one of those routs.  I remember vividly when the Orioles lost 30-3 to the Rangers in the first game of a double header in 2007.  Talk about embarrassment.

I am glad the Orioles won, and have been playing better as of late.  I figured I better post about it now, because I have already ranted on them earlier in the season.  This is yet again, a good reason to remember that the season is a long one and things can change pretty quickly.

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