Thursday, June 4, 2015

Instagram Trade With Ben - 2014 Topps Tribute Dylan Bundy Auto

I apologize for not writing over the last few days.  I was out of town again for work, and this time didn't take my laptop with me.  While, it was a tough few days, it was kind of nice to get into the hotel and not feel obligated to crank out a blog post while my mind was elsewhere.

Also, the way the Orioles have played recently has really made me want to step away for a bit and regroup, somewhat.  Man, have they been mediocre.

Anyway, I did get a little bit of mail in over the last few days, and one of them was a mailer from my good friend, Ben.  I saw that he had gotten this Dylan Bundy in, specifically to trade to me, so I did my best to work up something nice for him.  I actually overspent quite a bit, but I wanted to do something really nice for Ben, since he is a really good guy.  So, I got him a nice Felix Hernandez auto for his new PC, which he was really happy to receive.

This Bundy is a really nice card, as you can't do too wrong with Topps Tribute (aside from the 2015 version, apparently).  Bundy's signature looks good on this card, and is an on-card signature, not a sticker auto.

I'm very happy that Ben and I made this deal, if only because of his response when he saw the Felix.  I'm glad I could hook a friend up.  Thanks for the trade, Ben!

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