Monday, June 22, 2015

Set Complete - 2015 Topps

After busting my three jumbo boxes of Series 2 Saturday night, I sorted everything this evening.  2015 Topps is now complete, with card number 285 being the last piece I slid into the puzzle.  I was really happy with the design this year, and there were a bunch of awesome photos in the set.  My one gripe is that Topps needs to quit with the beyond stupid "retirement" of card number 7.  I understand leaving it out when Mantle passed away, but the fact that they brought that ridiculousness back recently just leaves me shaking my head.  Why not use that spot for a big name player that passed away the year before (maybe Tony Gwynn, since you can see the commemorative patch on Solarte's jersey).  I don't know, but it messes with my head that the set stops at card number 701 instead of 700.

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