Sunday, June 15, 2014

Some Nice Vintage Pickups From This Weekend

I was in Clemmons, NC this weekend for my youngest brother's high school graduation this weekend.  Let's reflect on that for just a second.  Pete, P. A., you guys remember me taking Andy to the card shop every Saturday so he could play Yu Gi Oh while I managed the card shop several years ago, right?  I started doing that in October 2006 when he was about to turn 11 years old.  Now, he is 18 and has graduated high school.  My, how time flies.  Anyway, Andy's school drew the short straw and was scheduled to hold graduation at 8:45PM Saturday night, so Saturday morning, my mom and I rode around town and decided to stop by one of the two card shops that are in their area, Lucky Dog Collectibles.

There, I found some nice vintage cards for my collection and a couple pieces of trade bait for later use.  The card above is an oversized card, a 1977 Sertoma Stars Brooks Robinson.  I had never seen these before and I loved the sepia coloring, so I picked it up for $5.00.  A pretty sweet deal.
For another $3.00, I picked up this 1969 MLB Photo Stamps Brooks Robinson.  This card is paper thin and is in really great shape, considering.  I need to get it into a top loader FAST.
Finally, I got a nice deal on this 1967 Topps Hank Aaron.  I don't know what it is, but I feel like the coloring on this card, with the blue of Hank's hat/sleeves and the Braves name really looks good on this card.  The corners are a bit soft, but in the end, it's a really awesome card.  I'm glad I picked it up!

If you're in the Winston-Salem area, be sure to stop by Lucky Dog collectibles (located in Clemmons, actually) and check out all of the stuff they have.  I was really happy to hear that they opened, especially since the shop I helped out at had closed.  Folks around there will still be able to get cards.

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