Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Another Instagram Trade With Eric

I completed another trade with Eric from Instagram recently when I sent him another stack of Twins cards in exchange for these 2014 Prizm Orioles and two 1969 Topps cards I needed for my collection.

The above purple Adam Jones parallel is pretty awesome, really.  It's numbered 93/99 and looks really sharp in person.  The scan really didn't capture how great this card looks.
The scan really didn't help this Adam Jones die cut card, either, but it is also pretty awesome.  I haven't been able to find any at my LCS.  I don't think he has ordered any yet, since he is moving. I'm hoping I see them at the shop soon, because I definitely will buy a few packs.
I don't know what Panini is calling their "refractors" since I'm sure Topps has that term trademarked or whatever, but this Chris Davis looks great, too.
Finally, here are two 1969 Topps cards that I needed for my set.  I really appreciate Eric hooking me up with them.  They turned out to be in awesome shape.
Thanks for the trade, Eric!  I have a whole bunch more Twins cards, so keep the great stuff coming.

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