Thursday, June 26, 2014

Another Instagram Trade With Max S.

A few weeks ago, I completed another deal with a guy, Max, that I met on Instagram.  I sent him some more Cubs cards and in return, he sent me this 2013 Bowman Chrome Clint Frazier and a few vintage cards.

I was happy to get a chrome Frazier, since I didn't have much of him.  He's a pretty good prospect and it's nice to grab a few here and there before they reach the majors.  I don't do much prospecting at all, but in this case, I was happy to get the card.
The highlight of the vintage cards was this 1969 Topps world series highlight card.  I already had it in my set, but I will be adding it to my HOF box.  It is a nice looking card.  Max also included a 1976 Topps Brock, and a few other non-stars.

Thanks for the trade, Max, I really appreciate it!

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