Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A Surprise Gift From Nolan and Jenny

I got a package in the mail today from Jenny Reimold, She had told me it was coming, but I was still surprised.  Jenny told me that because I have been so supportive of Nolan over the course of our friendship, she wanted to get me a little something as a thank you.  She had ordered 22 of these shirts for friends and family of her and Nolan's and singled out 3 fans that she had been interacting with that she wanted to give shirts to as well.  I made the cut!

Nolan has recently begun a rehab assignment at AA Bowie after missing most of the last two seasons recovering from 2 spinal fusion surgeries.  Nolan is sorely missed by many an Orioles fan and most of all, me.
While I appreciate Jenny sending me this shirt as a 'thank you', no thanks were necessary.  I consider myself very lucky that she and Nolan call me a friend.  They are awesome people and I sincerely appreciate being able to talk with them.  I know Nolan checks out my blog from time to time (Jenny checks it out all the time) and I have even gotten comments from Nolan's family members.

Thank you so much for the shirt, Jenny, I think it is awesome and I can't wait to put it on and celebrate the night Nolan comes back to the Orioles!

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