Sunday, June 16, 2013

Ebay Pickup - 2003 Upper Deck Yankees Signatures - Virgil Trucks

I finally added a new card to my Virgil Trucks collection recently with this ebay pick up.  It is a 2003 Upper Deck Yankees Signature Series.  The autograph is on card, if that's something you focus on.  It does make the card look really sharp, even though pinstripes make me nauseous.    I really like it and was able to land it for $9.  I have seen them go for $20 most times, so I had to jump on this deal.

Also, I apologize for not posting for a few days.  I went out of town to hang with the in-laws for Father's Day.  I left the laptop at home, which is a rarity, but it was really nice to be without it.  I did have my smart phone, so I was keeping up with the Orioles games, but I still haven't mastered writing full sentences with the tough screen.  One day, I'll be adept at blogging with my phone.

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