Wednesday, August 15, 2012

National Card Show Pickup - Brian Roberts Error Bobblehead

Do I really need to point out the error associated with this bobblehead?  Chris (my son) figured it out pretty quickly.  I got this bobblehead on Sunday at the National Card Show from the same dealer that I bought the Nolan Reimold from the day before.  I bundled this bobblehead with the Mike Cuellar signed baseball that he had priced at $35.
For the ball and the bobblehead, I only had to give him $40.  Not a bad deal, got this bobblehead for $5!  Winning!  I supposed I should pick up the Melvin Mora that goes with this bobblehead so I can complete the pair.  If anyone has one they want to unload cheaply, let me know!


Yankeejetsfan said...

Sweet bobble. I'm not seeing what the error is though. Can you explain?

qnewera said...

good bobble where you got this?Custom bobblehead dolls can make like what you want I do not like fixed body.