Friday, August 31, 2012

Some Markakis Pickups From the National

I STILL have a ton of stuff from the National that I haven't yet shown off, so I figured, why not keep showing it.  So, I got a lot of Orioles cards because the show was in Baltimore and they are playing well this year.  I probably paid a bit of a premium on them, but that's ok.
I got this Markakis 2003 Upper Deck rookie card out of a dollar box (I think).  I was surprised that I didn't yet own this card, so I was glad to add it to my collection cheaply
Tis 2007 Turkey Red black chrome refractor was really nice.  The vendor was the same one who wanted a bit too much for his cards, and I think he quoted $15 on this.  Yeesh.  I really don't think it is worth that much, but like I said a couple posts ago, the stack of cards I got was worth $40.
I got this 2011 Topps Chrome Sepia parallel from Ryan the night before we left for the show.  I didn't know they existed, so I was glad to add it.  He hooked me up with it in exchange for a bunch of A&G's that he needed for his sets.

I hope to get around to showing off the Cal Ripken cards that I picked up next.  We'll see.  I hope you guys are enjoying my posts.  I have noticed a declining trend as far as page views go.  I think it might be because school is back in session.  I might have to buy some more stuff to show off to get my views back up.  If there is anything you guys want me to discuss specifically, let me know; or if there are some old blog features you'd like for me to bring back, I'm listening.


Drew said...

Nice cards, man. I was supposed to get a Granderson sepia once but the guy never responded to the email.

arpsmith said...

I am a fan of those Turkey Red parallels and the Chrome Sepia parallels, nice pickups.