Thursday, June 16, 2011

TTM Success - Ernie Banks

I mailed to Ernie Banks during the first week of January this year and was surprised to find my mailer in my box (there were actually 2 in there, the second ball will be posted tomorrow). I'm really happy to get this one because it was my oldest pending TTM request.

Banks is my 37th Hall of Famer and my 20th TTM success. I'm so excited about this ball that words don't even describe it AND THERE WAS A SECOND SUCCESS AS WELL!!!!!

What a good mail day!


未眠岂曰疯人已逝 said...

It is really cool of your blog,I will read it frequently!

Drew said...

Dude, Banks as much of a shot as it gets for TTM, and I'm so glad you were able to get him! Great success bro!