Saturday, June 11, 2011

Still More Mail - 1971 Topps Needs

I recently completed a trade with blog reader Matt H. for 15 high number 1971 Topps for my set. I traded Matt a 2006 UD Epic Ernie Banks relic for the '71s.

Most of the players weren't big names, but I did end up being able to knock Johnny Callison and Sparky Anderson off of the list. Callison is very underrated, historically speaking. A friend of mine's dad is a huge Callison fan, and I was able to hook him up with some vintage Callison cards several years ago.

Sparky, unfortunately passed away not too long ago. He was definitely one of the best managers of all time.

I'm glad to be able to knock a decent chunk out of my needs for 1971 Topps. It feels like it is taking me forever to complete some of these sets, but with the economy the way it is, it is always nice to be able to make a dent.

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