Sunday, June 19, 2011

Another Card SHow Pickup - 2005 Topps Gold Cal Ripken

I traded some kids at the card show a couple cards for this Topps Gold Cal Ripken that I definitely didn't have in my collection. I don't know much about the card; it is definitely the 2005 Topps design, but as we all know, Cal was long since retired when 05 Topps hit the shelves.

The card has the old school Topps logo, so maybe it was a Target or Wal Mart exclusive? Anyone have any clues?

I have tried looking it up and haven't been successful.

Anyway, it is a pretty cool card and I now have it in with all 400+ of my Cal cards.


Ryan H said...

Sweet Card! I believe that this card is from the 2005 Topps Retired Signature Edition set. All of the base cards are of retired players but it looks like you have a Gold parallel of the Ironman!

BTW, are you going to the show at the Fairgrounds this coming weekend?

William Regenthal said...

Yes, I'll be there. I ordered 2 tables yesterday. Anything you want me to bring?