Friday, October 1, 2010

1955 Topps #1 - Dusty Rhodes

For anyone expecting this to be a card of 'The American Dream' Dusty Rhodes, you'll be sadly disappointed.

All 1955 Topps cards are horizontal, with vivid coloration. A head shot of the player is featured, along with an 'action' shot. All backs of the cards are also horizontal, depicting stats from the 1954 season, as well as a line for lifetime statistics. Each card has a little bio on the player, and a cartoon with a question and answer.

Dusty Rhodes (born 1927 - died 2009) played from 1952-1957 and 1959 for the New York and San Francisco Giants. He was primarily used as a pinch hitter late in games for Monte Irvin.

After his playing career was over, he helped his friend operate a tugboat for 25 years.

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