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Monday, September 25, 2023

Another TTM Success From Al Bumbry

Al Bumbry has signed for me several times; TTM and IP.  I didn't think I had anything left to get signed by him, then I had the idea of filling out this 1973 Topps Rookie Outfielders card.  I sent to Charlie Spikes first, then I sent to a private signing with Dwight Evans.  Finally, I finished the card by sending off to Bumbry.  The card looks awesome fully signed.
Bumbry sent along this signed Orioles post card.  I have some of these, but another doesn't hurt.
Finally, I found this 1978 Topps somewhere (the Winston-Salem card shop, I think).  I didn't have one of these signed yet, so it went along with the other card.

I mailed to Bumbry on May 15 and June 2, for an 18-day TAT.  I sent to the Evans signing on March 1 and got the card back on March 31, for a 30-day TAT. I don't know why I let it sit for so long before getting it out.

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