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Monday, September 25, 2023

Another TTM Success From Spencer Strider

Spencer Strider is having a good season.  I had forgotten that I jad gotten him TTM before but I sent off this 2022 Topps and got it back signed. 

Strider (b. 1998) is 19-5 on the season.  With 6 or 7 games left, he may get one more start to push for 20 wins.  He is the only pitcher with a chance at 20 this year.  He also has 274 strike outs and a 3.81 ERA.  He was an All Star this season.

Strider has a great shot at the National League Cy Young Award this year.  It is a crowded field in the NL, but he has a good shot.

I mailed to Strider via the Braves on May 20 and got the card back on June 2, for a 13-day TAT. 

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