Saturday, December 5, 2015

The Camaro Rides Again

My friend, Jeff, you know, green68camaro, sent me a care package that i got today to help me with my 1994 Topps set that has been languishing for quite some time.  Jeff sent me about 17 of the cards that I needed for the set.  I have another friend who is sending me some as well.  I think I will focus on completing this one in the new year.

This card, though, is one of the cooler ones of the bunch.  I remember Doug Drabek being the best pitcher around when I was in middle school.  When he eventually signed with the Orioles, I was excited.  He didn't do all that well in Baltimore, but I still think he was a great pitcher.  I need to see about getting him TTM or something.

Anyway, thanks for the care package, Jeff!

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