Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Instagram Care Package From Green68Camaro

I got a care package in the mail recently from an Instagrammer that I have been trading with quite a bit lately, Jeff, who goes by green68camaro.

I had found him a 1948 Bowman Marty Marion RC at a card show not too long ago, and we worked out a deal for it.  Since then, we have sent each other a few things.  This care package was a bit of a surprise, though.

In it, there were two nice Brooks Robinson cards for my PC.  The above card is a 1998 UD Retro Brooks.  It actually took me a few minutes to be able to read their fine print to see what year it was.  I even had my glasses on...  I could have saved time and just ebay searched it to get the year.  Maybe I need new glasses?

Anyway, this is a really nice card that I don't believe I had in my collection.  I don't recall '98 Retro, but that was when I was out of cards during college, so that makes sense.  I need to take a look and see if any other Hall of Famers that I like are in there.
I'm pretty sure I had a copy of this 1988 Pacific Baseball Legends, but another one is always welcome.  I believe these are very underrated cards.  I have seen a lot of people get these and use them for TTM autos.  These cards, when signed, turn out really great.  Brooks does some TTM signing, but the fees for flat items are pretty high, so I will just keep this in a top loader in my PC.  I just feel that there is never enough said about the merits of the 1988 Baseball Legends set.  I'm sure a lot of folks in the hobby agree.

Thanks so much for the care package, Jeff!

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