Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas Gift From Brian

I got a Christmas gift a few days ago from my little buddy, Brian.  He is a fellow North Carolinian that I met at one of my shows in Raleigh.  He and his dad are big Orioles fans, so I sent him a little something for Christmas.  I wasn't expecting a gift in return, but Brian sent me a nice PWE full of Orioles stuff.

Brian must have gotten this Zach Britton signed IP or TTM, but it looks really cool.  I liked the blue sharpie.

Brian and his dad are some really nice folks.  I like that they have kept in touch after that initial meeting at the show.  I have some stuff for them from this year's Fan Fest that I need to send along.

Thank you so much for the gifts, Brian.  I really appreciate it.

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