Sunday, October 12, 2014

Trading WIth My Brother John - Manny Machado RC and Foxx SP

Like I said last night, I went back to my hometown for my birthday and made the rounds to visit some relatives while I was in town.  I tried to remember to bring some trade bait for my older brother, John, because I keep forgetting and he always calls and reminds me.  Apparently, I had some stuff that was good enough for his strict eye for condition, because we made a deal for a couple Orioles cards and a SP.

John priced the above Manny Machado X-Fractor RC pretty high, but I was able to talk him down into more realistic terms.  He got some Red Sox stuff off of me, and I'm glad we were able to come to an agreement.  He's a tough negotiator.
While I liked the Machado, this Jimmie Foxx SP was the jewel of the trade, in my opinion.  I still enjoy the Topps legends SPs and I didn't yet have this Foxx for my PC.  The value for these has come down and I probably could have gotten one for less than what I traded to get it, but I don't care.  John was happy with the deal, and so am I.  He knows I'm happy with it, because he asked me three or four times.

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