Friday, October 24, 2014

Ebay Pickup - 1959 Topps Mickey Mantle All Star

I knocked a huge need off of my 1959 set  when I bought this Mickey Mantle All Star card off of Ebay the other day.  The card came in the mail today and looks awesome.  Other than being off center, it is in awesome shape.

I have seen this card go for around $100 - $125, but I had been watching a couple that were in worse shape than this one that were Buy it Now for $55 and $57.  I saw this one, which was listed as an auction, and caught it with about an hour to go.  I bid my maximum bid at the $55 that I had almost been willing to spend on the BIN one and rode out the auction to win it at $42.00 shipped.  AWESOME!

So, this was the biggest remaining piece that I needed for the set.  I still have a good many All Star/High Numbers to get, but none are as prestigious as this card.  Mantle cards always seem to carry a premium.  Even though I am in no way a Yankee fan, I still can appreciate the gravity of adding a new Mantle to my collection.

This leaves me needing 98 cards to complete the set.

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