Thursday, December 22, 2011

TTM Success - Wally Moon

M-O-O-N that spells MOON (How many people get THAT reference??).  Haha.  I got a TTM success on Monday, but have been trying to catch up on card show posts, so this one is a little delayed.

I wrote to the 1954 NL Rookie of the Year Wally Moon on November 28 and got my ball back on December 19.  That was a 21-day TAT.

Moon charges $6.00 for an autograph and an extra $2.00 for an inscription, which I think isn't bad at all.

Wally Moon (b. 1930) played in the majors from 1954 to 1965 for the Cardinals and Dodgers.  He retired with 1,399 hits, 142 home runs and a .289 batting average.

Moon is my 40th TTM success.  They are coming few and far between now, I'm running out of TTM ideas.  Anyone got any?


Matt Pederson said...

I do believe that is the first reference to "The Stand" that I have seen on anyone's blog. Well, I'm not sure. Mayhap it is, and mayhap it ain't.

Oh yeah, and congratulations on the auto, too.

William Regenthal said...

You are correct, sir. My younger brother and I used to watch that every now and then... we would watch a movie a night together (when we were supposed to be in bed) and some weeks, we would watch all of the Star Trek movies, another week was Star Wars. The Stand made its way into our rotation; it was a good mini-series.

Dodgerbobble said...

Nice auto! I'm gonna try my first TTM this week, Tommy Lasorda. Have you done Tommy yet?

Play at the Plate said...

I never saw The Stand. That is a really nice auto for $8.