Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Box Break - Historic Autographs Ball of Fame National Edition #1

I saw that Blowout had lowered the price of the Historic Autographs Ball of Fame National Edition boxes from $119 to $85 last week, so I decided to pick up two of them.  The difference between the 'National Edition' and the regular edition I opened (and got Wade Boggs) is that the National Edition baseballs are graded no lower than 9.5.  I figured getting a high grade HOF auto on a ball for that price would be worth the gamble.  I videoed both breaks, so here is break number 1:

I had already gotten Harvey TTM, but this version is already PSA authenticated, on an official MLB ball and graded at a 10.  So, that being said, my Harvey ball I got TTM will be going with me to the card show or can be put up for trade.  I'd prefer another ball for it, but I'm not going to be too picky.

Yes, that is Drew on Skype watching the box break.  Hi Drew!!!

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Drew said...

Hey William! Haha the ball looks great, but not as great as the dude on your computer screen ;)