Monday, September 12, 2011

TTM Success - Bill Pierce

I got my 33rd TTM success on Friday, September 9, 2011 (the same day as my Phil Niekro success) from former pitcher Bill Pierce.
I mailed to Pierce on August 26, 2011 and got the ball back on September 9, making him a 14-day TAT.  Not too bad.

Pierce played in the majors from 1945, 1948-1964 for the Tigers, White Sox and Giants.  He twice won 20 games (in 1956 and 1957) and retired with a record of 211-169, 3.27 ERA and 1,999 strikeouts.  Looks to me like he was a pretty good pitcher who should get a little more love for the Hall of Fame.  Not saying he should get in outright, but a little more thought toward it, maybe.  His HOF balloting was unimpressive (5 years on the ballot and averaged 1.36% of the vote), but I can think of recent pitchers getting much more support with similar numbers.


Anonymous said...

WIlliam - you have been on fire with your TTM's lately. COngratulations!

William Regenthal said...

Thanks man. Getting a little harder to find out who I should send to next. I need to sit down and do a little more research for the next batch, I think.