Sunday, September 25, 2011

New For Sale-Trade Page

I have decided to add a For Sale/Trade page to my blog in hopes to get some of the things I have for sale at card shows out so more people can see them.

It is hard sometimes to go through all the cards I have, price and label them so that people walking by my booth at shows can see everything.  I also have learned recently that it is really convenient to be able to trade a big hit for a Hall of Fame ball (like I was able to do with my Pujols triple relic/auto for the Mazeroski and Drysdale balls).

So, that being said, here are a couple featured items that I would love to sell or trade for something significant.  If any of it interests you, please shoot me an email at

I won't refuse reasonable offers, but please, don't do me like the people on the Topps Diamond Giveaway are doing...  don't offer me a 1995 Topps Mike Macfarlane for an auto or something like that.

Below are the first items that will be added to the page...  Check the page for descriptions of each item.  Thanks for looking.

1970 Topps OJ Simpson Rookie Card

2008 UD Heroes Mike Schmidt Jersey #ed 115/125

2011 Topps Logan Morrison Auto

2011 Topps Alfonso Soriano Sparkle SP

2011 Topps Starlin Castro Auto

2011 Topps Mark Teixeira Sparkle SP

2011 Topps Travis Snider Silk Collection #ed 36/50
Manny Machado Auto Baseball - signed in person July 4, 2011


SEO Consultant said...

Are you selling sports memorabilia or what are the images representing? I am interested to know

William Regenthal said...

The images represent stuff that I have available for sale or trade. There is a page link at the top with descriptions of the items and what I'd be willing to take in exchange.