Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Something Cool From The Card Show

 I picked up this Official AL Baseball, new in the box, from a vendor at the card show this past weekend.  I've been looking for older baseballs for some time now and was able to snag this one for only $10.00.  The guy had maybe 4 or 5 more that he was willing to sell me really cheap, but I was on a budget and didn't want to exceed it.

The ball is a Bobby Brown ball, which is really cool, since I just got him TTM.  Would have been a good idea to wait and send this to him, but oh well.

Something I found to be odd/funny, though...  The ball is an official AL baseball, the box even says so, but the stadium pictured on the box is old Busch Stadium.  I saw The Who play there live in 1989.  My first concert...
The ball looks great.  The guy told me that they had bought a bunch of them so someone could sign them, and I guess he didn't sign them all.  The box says copyright 1985, so this was early in Brown's AL presidency, which he was elected to in 1984.

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Drew said...

Nice addition to the ball collection man, I seriously would consider getting Bobby Brown to sign it for you, although he has already. Maybe a few bucks wouldn't hurt?