Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hall of Fame Signed Baseball - Ozzie Smith

I got my 46th Hall of Fame signed baseball in the mail today from my awesome friend Drew.  He went to the White Plains Card Show recently and met Ozzie Smith.  I mailed a ball to Drew and a check for Ozzie's signing fee and Drew was nice enough to take care of me.  You can read about his trip to the show here.

I'm really happy to be able to add Ozzie Smith to my autograph collection.  I watched him while I was growing up as the NL counterpart to my favorite player, Cal Ripken.  Ozzie may not have had the offensive numbers of some other shortstops, but The Wizard was exactly that, a wizard, with the glove.  Thanks for hooking me up, Drew.

Oh, by the way, this wasn't all Drew sent me.  I'll be posting more in the coming days about what else was in the box he sent...

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Drew said...

Gee I know that Drew kid! He really hooked ya up there ;) in all seriousness, enjoy the baseball man, I'm happy to help.