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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Meeting's Roch Kubatko

You guys have seen this picture before, but I wanted to elaborate on my meeting with Roch Kubatko on Friday, July 23, 2010.
I tried to meet up with Roch the day before, but everyone looked at me like I was crazy, so I messaged Roch to be sure it was ok (he had said before to come up to the press box to say hello, I didn't realize he meant to go up via the seating area to the press box window... Anyway, when he texted me before the Friday game, I was really excited to actually meet the guy who makes a living blogging for the Orioles...

We met up and talked for close to 20 minutes about the Orioles, Nolan Reimold, Dumb Posters (the ones who think they can be a GM just because they have a subscription to ESPN insider), minor league ballparks and the Orioles managerial situation.
Roch signed a couple baseballs for me when we finished our conversation. I have to say, it was really awesome being able to talk to him for a good period of time. I also learned some things about the situation with the Orioles.

Check out Roch's blog - The School of Roch over at if you want some good Orioles information.
I was really happy with our meeting and I plan on keeping in touch with him and maybe meeting up again next time I'm in Baltimore.

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Drew said...

Sounds awesome dude!