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Sunday, July 18, 2010

July 16, 2010 Greensboro Grasshoppers vs. Asheville Tourists

I returned to Greensboro's NewBridge Bank Park on Friday to catch another Grasshoppers game. I am on vacation and have my cousin visiting from Germany, so I wanted to make sure he made it to as many baseball games as possible...

We also picked up my brother Andy on the way and then met up with the wonderful Babe-O-Licious at the game,

I have already been to Greensboro's park before, and enjoy it. I'm not a fan of the net surrounding the park, I mean, I know safety is key, but the net is obstructive.

We got a few autos from Asheville players before the game, then watched them play a very sloppy game against an equally sloppy Grasshoppers team.

It was SO HOT at the game; we thought some thunderstorms were going to roll into the area, but they didn't before the game ended. We had a good time, nonetheless.

1 comment:

Flash said...

Yeah that net is really annoying. But the park is nice.