Sunday, March 17, 2019

TTM Success - Mark Teahen

I was really glad to get a bunch of these late 2000s cards signed TTM from Mark Teahen.  I have a ton of this kind of stuff, and would love to get more of it signed, but players from that time-frame don't sign a lot of TTM.  This 2007 Turkey Red is definitely one of the types of cards that I really wanted in my autograph album.  It turned out really well with Teahen's signature.
I also added a 2005 Upper Deck, 2008 Piece of History and a 2007 Finest.  They al turned out well, I think.  Piece of History was an interesting set that I opened quite a bit of when I was at the old card shop.

Teahen (b. 1981) played in the majors from 2005 to 2011 for the Royals, White Sox and Blue Jays.  He had 759 hits, 67 home runs and a .264 batting average.

I mailed to him on February 11 and got the cards back on February 26, for a 15-day TAT.

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