Monday, March 4, 2019

TTM Success - Larry Herndon

I crossed another name off of my 1987 Topps needs list with this TTM success from Larry Herndon.  He is on PastPros' roster of signers, so I went ahead and paid the fee and got my card signed.
The fee for Herndon wasn't too expensive, so I went ahead and paid for a second card, this 1984 Topps.

Herndon (b. 1953) played in the majors in 1974 and from 1976 to 1988 for the Cardinals, GIants and Tigers.  He had 1,334 hits, 107 home runs and a .274 batting average.  He won the World Series with the Tigers in 1984.

I mailed to Herndon on January 14 and got the cards back on February 6, for a 23-day TAT.  I paid a fee of $17.00.

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zman40 said...

I didn't realize Herndon was on PastPros. I'm going to have to pony up to get him for my 81D set.