Thursday, May 31, 2012

So Behind on Mail

Yeah, I could have broken this up into separate posts.  I'm sorry about that.  I do have a few things on the way that should keep this blog busy until Series II comes out next week.

I've gotten mail lately from all over the blogosphere.  Today, I got a package from my good buddy Scott, over at Mr. Baseball-Scott.
 Scott sent me a few Orioles cards and a 2012 Bowman Tim Lincecum for Chris.  Thanks Scott!  Scott is quite the ball player himself.  Check out his blog and follow him, it might encourage him to post a bit more.

Next, I got a nice stack of cards from my good friend Andrew from Andrew's Baseball Cards.  In the stack was this nice 1st Bowman card of Orioles minor leaguer Ronnie Welty.  I've actually seen Welty play, when he was on the Frederick Keys, and he is a pretty good ball player.  So, I was really happy that Andrew sent me this card.  Andrew's a really nice kid who need more blog followers!
I got some mail from another good friend, Dustin, over at No Relics Pulled, but I have already put those cards in top loaders and have added them to my collection.  Sorry Dustin, but I did want to acknowledge the package you sent and that it was much appreciated.

Finally, I completed a rare trade.  Rare for me because I usually just send people cards that I think they would like and don't expect anything in return.  Well, The Rhubarb Runner contacted me about a trade for the Johan Santana patch that I pulled out of 2011 Topps Marquee.
 In exchange for the Santana, I got this Bowman Heritage auto of former Oriole Brandon Snyder.  The auto is on card, and the card itself looks sweet.
Among other cards I got from the rhubarb smuggler, was this really nice Playoff Class Reunion Brooks Robinson/Juan Marichal.  I love the seriously old school Oriole logo on this card.

So, thanks for all of the mail, guys.  Keep it coming!

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