Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Few More Hits From The Card Show

I did get some cards other than Virgil Trucks at the show. I had hoped I could grab another Bowman Feller, but I didn't have a lot to spend, and I figured with his recent passing, several of the dealers may have had Fellers going at a premium, so I tried to avoid his stuff at this show. Instead, I got a few random cards. Here they are:
I needed a George Kell card to go with the autographed baseball I picked up last month. I like the 1951 Bowmans, so I knew when I saw this one, that it would fit nicely into my collection.

Because Topps likes to mock their set builders, I picked up this 2010 Topps 'card number 661' Stephen Strasburg by trading the guy in the neighboring booth a Matt Cain auto from UD Masterpieces. I think it was Masterpieces, or Artifacts. Oh well, tells you how much I remembered having it in my colleciton. I was able to file thie Strasburg into my 2010 set, so maybe I can call it complete again. Or should I wait until they issue card number 662: Ken Griffey, IV. Hmmm.

Finally, I traded my booth-neighbor a handful of 4/$1.00 cards for this Sweet Spot Brian Burres Mini Helmet Auto. Burres was non tendered by the O's some time ago, but the card still looks sharp. I love the mini helmet idea.
So, there you have it, I got several Virgil Trucks cards, a mini helmet auto, 3 1948 Bowmans, a Stephen Strasburg and a vintage Bowman of a Hall of Famer. Not too shabby. I have one more thing I got from the show that I will post later, nothing momentous, but I will have to wait to get the box out of my car, and seriously guys... it's cold outside, and I'm lazy. So, maybe tomorrow, ok? Haha! Hope you have enjoyed!


AdamE said...

I like the Kell card. Great pickup. Wish I had a place to find old Bowman cards.

Drew said...

Nice pickups dude! I have one of the sweet spot cards too and they're definitely nice and unique!