Thursday, December 23, 2010

Hidden in my Collection - 1951 Topps Red Back Graded Pack

Since Christmas is fast approaching, i thought I'd use a present that I got from my mom a couple years ago.
I got this graded 9.5 unopened pack of 1951 Topps Red Back back in 2007. This was the year that she also got me the 1951 Topps Red Back set. I thought this was really cool. Topps Red Backs are really easy to get hold of, because several years ago, someone found unopened cases of them in a warehouse somewhere. I wish I could find some unopened cases of 1952 Topps some day. My mom always finds cool stuff for Christmas. I'm kind of excited to see what she has found this year...

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Drew said...

Thats really sweet! I wonder whats in the pack hahaha