Monday, December 20, 2010

More Card Show Pickups - Virgil Trucks Edition

During some down time at the show, I looked around for some things that caught my eye. I didn't really want to spend money, but when boredom strikes, I can't help myself. I was able to find great deals on some Virgil Trucks cards that I didn't already have. Here they are:

My first 1953 Topps. I had always dreamed that my first '53 Topps card would be the Satchel Paige. Oh well, I'll own it one day. I really like the 1953 Topps set. The cards look SHARP. I don't have to many Browns Topps cards, I'm sure there was a Brown in '51 Red Back, but I haven't looked in a while. I have a couple '51 Bowman Browns cards that I got a few shows ago.
I think the back of the '53s are really cool, too. I like the signature over top of the bio. It accents the back pretty well, and as far as I can remember, it is the only Topps set in which they do that. I bet it is something that Topps will revisit in one of the upcoming flagship sets. I'm surprised they haven't done that already.

I was able to pick up a pretty sharp-looking '59 Topps for $5. I have always liked this set as well, and have enough cards to consider making the set. I know I had a poll a year ago and said that this would be the next set I started, but I found some '71s by chance and started that one instead. I need to take a look and see exactly how many '59 Topps I have and see where I can go from there...

I like the back of the '59 Topps as well. It is pretty simple, just bold colors and stats, nothing else. There are very easy to read card backs for sure.

I just happened to find this 1954 Bowman Trucks while walking by a vendor. I had just bought the 3 1948 Bowmans that I found Saturday and was walking my change back to my booth and I saw a guy with binders of vintage cards. I asked him if he had and Trucks cards and he flipped right to this one. The card is in great shape. He had a sticker on there for $20, but said he'd sell it for $5 (wow) and I said that I only had $4 in my hand, and he said SOLD. SWEET!!!!

The back of this card is sharp as well. I really think I got a steal when I bought this one. I'm sure it was because I asked for a 'random' player and the guy had it. I think it is a bit of a travesty that not many people know who Trucks is.

Finally, I bought this 1951 Bowman Virgil Trucks from the same vendor who I bought the '53 and '59 Topps from. I felt bad for the poor lady who helped me find it. She was sitting at her booth, bored, and offered to help me search for Trucks cards. She found this one after searching for a bit, so I had to buy it. I loved the booth I bought it from, they had a crap load of vintage stuff, it would be real easy for me to fill a vintage set with the stuff that they had. I'm definitely going to buy from them again when I need some vintage stuff. I sure wish they had a better selection of 1948 Bowman, though. I think I would be able to knock out a bit of that set for sure.

I feel like it has become a bit of a mission of mine to educate the masses about Virgil Trucks. It is a shame that more people aren't aware of who he is or what he has accomplished. I tell everyone I can about how awesome Trucks was with TTM and how good he was when he pitched. If you haven't already, please do a search on him and read up. You will be thoroughly impressed.

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