Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Seeing Red - More Chris Davis Pickups

I sure do love some red parallels.  I found an Ebay seller who had three Chris Davis red Bowman parallels that was willing to take a best offer on the lot.  I got him to save me $30 by just asking him if he would make a deal for all three.

I really liked this red ice parallel from 2015 Bowman.  It is numbered 2/5.  Speaking of, all of these are numbered to 5.  I got 6 Chris Davis cards that were numbered to 5 out of my recent Ebay run.  Also, this seller is the same one who sold me the Panini National Treasures laundry tag.  He had a bunch of Chris Davis /5 stuff.
These two 2016 Bowman red parallels were the other cards that I picked up.  They are numbered 1/5 and 2/5.  I've already got a search saved so I can find the other three.
Emboldened by my newfound "best offer" deal, I checked with the seller of this 2016 Topps Mini red parallel to see if I could knock his price down from the ridiculously high $34.99 that this was listed at.  This seller had just lowered the price to around $29, and for me, they took another $4 off.  I also had my Ebay Bucks, so I basically was able to get this card for the same price as I got the one from Kyle in yesterday's post.  This card is numbered 5/5; so I now have three of the five red mini parallels.
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