Monday, January 9, 2017

Ebay Pickup - My Fourth Chris Davis 2014 Panini National Treasures Laundry Tag

I wanted to interrupt my TTM and Christmas postings to show off a card I picked up when I received an email from a seller on Ebay.  I had bought three items - best offer accepted - from a guy and when I asked him to keep me posted on any Chris Davis /5 cards that he may see, he emailed me soon after with a photo showing an assortment of Panini items.  One of those cards was this National Treasures laundry tag that is numbered to 5.  If the card looks familiar, it is because I have two of the others from this series.  I have the 1/5 and the 3/5.  I'll go ahead and say that I would love to find the other two, so if I see them, I'll be picking them up.

This is just a really cool series of cards.  I hope I can find the other two.  I've kind of been picking up a bunch of numbered to 5 Chris Davis cards.  This would be just as tough as completing a rainbow, in my opinion.
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